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Our goal is to help every teen girl who comes to Sunrise become a confident, healthy, and independent young woman.

Residential Treatment and Boarding School for Girls Ages 13-17

Making a difference one girl at a time.


At Sunrise, we know each girl is different.

We founded Sunrise Residential Treatment Center on the belief that each girl we meet is unique. Your daughter has her own experiences and talents, her own relationships, and her own struggles. To best meet her needs, our residential treatment program focuses on a customized approach to healing.

By combining the best features of a boarding school, treatment facility, and transition program, we give our students the support they need to overcome emotional or behavioral struggles that can keep them from living fulfilling lives and having healthy family relationships.

Sunrise’s unique, all-in-one treatment allows many girls to complete all phases of their healing process in a single program. Our length of stay tends to be shorter than many other residential treatment centers because we individualize each girl’s treatment plan and maintain a small community for our girls.

We are very excited and looking forward to the future. You and your excellent staff have done great work guiding us and our daughter through this time. Words are not enough…

-Alumni Dad

I haven't seen her smile as much as she has been over the past several months. She is holding two different jobs, and in one she is being trained for promotion because of her ability to deal with customers well. She is also doing runway modeling work, and is absolutely gorgeous. We spend a fair amount of time together, and she is back to being the girl I knew before all her teenage outbursts

-Alumni Dad

Our daughter has been very responsible. She is now working three part time jobs. Our relationship with her has changed dramatically. We can trust her, we can discuss things without raising voices even if we disagree. If she realizes she had a bad attitude (like we all do from time to time) she’ll apologize the next day and it is from the heart. We joke around about a lot of different things and have fun together. When she comes home in the evening she tells us all about her day. The things we learned through your program and the weekly family sessions using skype has helped us in relating to our other children as well. Other people have noticed a change not only in her, but also in us! We would like to thank all the staff there at Sunrise. You all have a very challenging job, but you do it so well! I know that if we hadn’t sent her to Sunrise we might be grieving over her death or at least a few more hospitalizations. I hope you are encouraged knowing of her success. Keep up the good work!

-Proud Parents

Our daughter has adjusted well to main stream life. If she had the full semester in school she would have made the honor role. She is a leader in her support group and really enjoys going to the meetings. With her Wilderness Therapy and Sunrise treatment she will have the tools necessary to turn her back on some issues and people who could be a bad influence. So far so good.

-Alumni Dad

So far my daughter is doing great and I am thrilled to have her back physically and emotionally thank you.

- Alumni Mom 


 I personally want to thank you for all the help you gave us with my daughter. She is a changed daughter, for the better. We get along great. She has a good relationship with her sister and her mother. You were a choice for us at a time when we did not know where to turn. I thank God for giving me back my daughter and directing us to you. 

-Alumni Dad

It was a truly positive experience. We are very impressed with every aspect of Sunrise, from the quality of the therapists to Kelly's cuisine! Please extend our recognition to all staff members.

-Alumni Mom

Our family’s experience at Sunrise has been overwhelmingly positive. A year ago, 18 months ago, 3 years ago it would have been impossible for me to imagine feeling as hopeful and positive as I do now. The program here strikes a wonderful balance between keeping their students (and their families) grounded in reality and realistic expectations and looking forward and staying positive.


What We Treat

Depression Treatment

Depression is a debilitating disease that can limit your daughter’s ability to attend school, socialize, and even meet her own basic needs day-to-day. Fortunately, depression is treatable. Your daughter will address underlying causes of depression, learn emotion regulation skills, and practice relationship skills with her community.


Feelings of anxiety are a common and usually productive part of life. But for some, anxiety becomes so intense and pervasive that it becomes crippling. Your daughter will learn to reduce and manage her anxiety to create a more enjoyable life.

Attachment Disorder

We know that attachment disorders are complex, frustrating, and stem from deeply rooted pain. At Sunrise, your daughter will have the opportunity to safely walk through this pain with the support of her therapist, treatment team, and community.

Borderline Personality Disorder

Teens with borderline personality disorder (BPD) need a secure and predictable environment to heal. At Sunrise, she will find loving boundaries that enable her to work therapeutically. Sunrise is a fully-integrated DBT treatment center, and she will find that all aspects of the program help her live the DBT skills and carry them forward into life after treatment.

Eating Disorders

Once your daughter is medically stable, we will help her address the underlying issues that drive eating disorder behaviors. Long-term treatment at Sunrise, along with building a healthy support network, increases your daughter’s chance of maintaining recovery and living a healthy life.

Addiction and Recovery

At Sunrise, your daughter will have the opportunity to identify and work through what has driven her substance use and learn skills that allow her to return home to live a clean and sober life. By creating healthy friend groups and re-establishing her relationships with family members, she will be able to reclaim her life from addiction.

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