Attachment Disorder Treatment for Teen Girls

At Sunrise, we understand how helpless a family feels when their daughter suffers from an attachment disorder… and we can help.

There are two types of Reactive Attachment Disorder (or RAD).  One may lead to your daughter acting aloof, isolated, unemotional, or withdrawn.  With the other kind she might act improperly or be inappropriately affectionate with complete strangers. Both can be incredibly harmful to your daughter and family.

We provide completely integrated DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) program treatment options for girls struggling with attachment disorder and other complex emotional and behavioral issues.

DBT helps with the problematic actions sometimes used to deal with extreme emotional intensity. DBT emphasizes taking responsibility for one’s problems and helps the person examine how they deal with conflict and negative feelings. The goals of the DBT group include identifying maladaptive coping patterns and providing students with adaptive coping strategies to promote healthier lifestyles and psychological well-being.

Sunrise is among just a handful of residential treatment facilities in the country that use DBT to aid in the healing of attachment disorders.

Designed to address the individual and comprehensive therapeutic, academic, and life skills needs of teen girls, that’s Sunrise.

If you’re concerned that your daughter might be suffering from an attachment disorder, please call. We are always available for information and assistance. Please call 855.842.5592. We can help.

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of Sunrise students are no longer clinically depressed upon discharge.


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