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How to Help Runaway Teenagers

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Whether your teen has been gone for a night or a week, running away is a serious issue that should be addressed immediately and unequivocally. When a child’s whereabouts are unknown, the adults responsible for them cannot provide for their well-being. In addition, high-risk behaviors and victimization can occur in many runaway scenarios. The following tips can help parents intervene effectively to interrupt new or chronic runaway behavior.

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Coping with Failure

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None of us wants to fail, but setbacks give us some of our richest opportunities to listen, learn, and persist. It’s through supported challenges that we are most likely to cultivate a productive, pro-social balance of confidence and humility. The good news is that a positive relationship with failure can be developed even in young people who may have missed this developmental milestone at a younger age.

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Life Skills and Money Management for Teens

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American children grow up in a culture that encourages consumption and debt–issues that have, arguably, led to our current financial crisis. What this means is that without conscious intervention, our children are likely to replicate bad financial habits that are culturally pervasive in the US and, arguably, are at the root of our current economic crisis. Even if you are a fiscally responsible adult, don’t expect that ethic or skill set to automatically transfer to your children. Culture is too powerful a force to overcome by passive example.

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