Course Descriptions

Educational Technology

Computer Technology: Required Course for 0.5 Credit
In this course, students develop advanced applied word processing skills. Improved productivity through efficient, timesaving document production techniques is stressed. An integral part of this course is continued instructions and practice in formatting and editing and the creation of business documents through the use of functions such as merge. Graphics are also introduced. Additionally, the course provides students with an introduction to the internet. Students will demonstrate a basic knowledge of the internet and its tools through the use of e-mail, search engines and browsers. HTML and web publishing software will be used to create, format, illustrate, design, edit, and publish web pages. Emphasis will be placed on the application of the internet in business.

Keyboarding: Elective Course for 0.5 Credit
This course emphasizes the development of speed and accuracy for personal and business use. Skills for preparing reports, business letter, complex tables, and business forms will be developed. Business communication composition will be integrated throughout the course. A short business simulation for skill application and reinforcement will conclude the course.

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