Accredited Courses

Fine Art Courses

Foundation of Art: Required Course for 1.0 CreditThis course emphasizes drawing, color, and design concepts. Students engage in activities that foster an applied understanding of basic vocabulary, aesthetics, higher-level thinking, divergent production, and art criticism.

Foundation of Art II: Required Course for 1.0 Credit
This course builds on the concepts learned in foundations I and gives the student more advanced practice in specific mediums of art. Students also begin to develop or refine their art portfolios.

Introduction to Dance: Required Course for 0.5 Credit
This beginning level dance course builds knowledge and skill in the following areas: technique, improvisation, choreography, artistic expression, performance, history, culture, life skills, and connections to other curricular areas. This course teaches dance as a universal language; an expressive and vibrant art with the capacity to unify the physical, mental, social, emotional, aesthetic, and spiritual.

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