Life At Sunrise


Part of learning life skills is learning how to have balanced, safe, satisfying recreation…in other words, good clean fun! Our girls have opportunities to swim in the beautiful Sunrise pool, shop at local stores, camp and hike in Zion National Park, go to movies, visit the library, and just hang out. We favor a three-pillar approach to recreation that balances fitness, outdoor adventure and leisure activities.

Our students remain physically fit through weekly yoga, training for monthly 5k and 10k runs, PE classes and opportunities to try new sports. Outdoor adventure takes the form of everything from rappelling to hikes in the nearby national parks. Our girls also enjoy activities that just help them relax, laugh and have fun, such as bowling or splashing in the pool.

Though our program of therapy, school, and life skills training is structured and full, we know that fun itself is both therapeutic and instructional. At Sunrise, we remember that sometimes girls just need to be girls.

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