Courses Descriptions


7th Grade Math: Required Core Course
This course focuses on applying math to life. Students learn logical reasoning strategies, the multiple representations numbers have, number system and theory, computation and estimation, functional relationships and patterns, probability, and measurement within the context of real life.

Pre-Algebra: Required Core Course for 1.0 Credit
This course focuses on developing skills in problem solving, number systems and theory, computation and estimation, patterns and functions, and statistics and probability. Additionally, the course introduces algebraic concepts to build a strong foundation for the subsequent formal study of algebra. Such informal explorations include physical models, numerical representations, and graphing models, rather teaching algebraic representation in isolation.

Algebra I: Required Core Course for 1.0 Credit
Students explore a mathematical model for the real number system involving the study of straight lines and numerical relationships. The properties of the real number system are used to solve linear equations and inequalities. Simple operations with polynomials are introduced and the laws of exponents are studied.

Geometry: Required Core Course for 1.0 Credit
The major postulates and theorems of Euclidean geometry form the basis of this course. Logical structures are investigated. Geometric constructions and coordinate geometry are studied and non-Euclidean geometries are introduced. Students should be able to investigate these geometry concepts using technology as well as pencil and paper. Trigonometry concepts are applied to appropriate geometry concepts.

Algebra II: Elective Core Course for 1.0 Credit
This course in algebra is an extension of the elementary algebraic concept involving a study of the quadric relations and their graphs. Systems of equations are solved, logarithmic functions are briefly studied, real number exponents and complex numbers are investigated, and proficiency with the algebra of polynomials and rational functions is developed. Trigonometry, probability, statistics, and discrete mathematics topics are topics for discussion and application.

Consumer Math: Elective Course for 1.0 Credit
This course prepares students to understand the values, needs wants, goals, and resources that enable people to make wise decisions based mathematical concepts. Financial resources management, including consumer rights and responsibilities, are discussed. This course also provides the student with a basic understanding of essential mathematical concepts, as well as background of business information that will relate directly to the consumer world.

Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus: Elective Course for 1.0 Credit
This course is an extension of intermediate algebra and geometry. The major emphasis is with algebraic functions, theory of equations, and inequalities. Trigonometry topics are completed along with the continued development of the binomial expansion, probability, statistics, analytic geometry, and discrete mathematics. The students should gain a sense of the structure of mathematics as the fundamental concepts of calculus are developed.

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