Recreational Therapy

Our Recreational Therapy consists of experiential groups and recreational activities as well as art and play therapy. Experiential groups employ tasks that are designed so that the group must use cooperation and some physical effort to gain a solution. Through planning, trial, experiencing, and finally achieving, the group learns by “doing” rather than by talking. Participating in and processing these experiences allow the students to learn about the necessity of trust, responsibility, teamwork, and improved self-concept.

In addition to recreational group tasks the teen girls frequently engage in recreational and leisure activities. They find themselves hiking and canyoneering through Zion, Grand Canyon, and Bryce Canyon National Parks. Our students participate in a variety of local outdoor activities, which include 5K events, biking, swimming, dance and visiting local state parks. They also have the opportunity to participate in typical teenage leisure activates such as bowling, movies, laser tag, horseback riding, and shopping. These activities are done strategically to help the girls make healthy life choices and be engaged in activities they will be able to continue at home. Furthermore, Sunrise is very committed to service. Service provides an atmosphere in which our girls learn to enrich the lives of others by getting outside of themselves. Through these various forms of recreational and leisure activities we help our students learn and experience appropriate leisure options that replace the previously negative activities they engaged in prior to treatment. At Sunrise we provide a balanced program of recreational and leisure activities as well as experiential learning for our students.

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