Student Profile

Sunrise works with adolescent girls, ages 13 – 17, who are smart, curious, and capable, but have struggled with deep-rooted emotional issues that have kept them from reaching their potential. Many have experienced trauma, chemical dependency, or mental illness. Some are depressed or anxious, suffer from low self-esteem, or are troubled by eating disorders. Despite having difficult issues that require healing and management, Sunrise students possess the internal resources for future success and independence. Sunrise provides a program that begins with intensive clinical treatment and ends with a community-based transition program to help students translate new skills and healing to the real world.

Our clinical team has the sophistication to work with complex therapeutic cases along with the compassion and vision to focus on potential over pathology. As a result, our program is strengths based, focusing on each student’s unique, but often buried, constellation of gifts, talents, and passions. By helping students discover and trust their internal resources, we equip them, and their families, for a successful return home. Our vision for every Sunrise girl is to equip her for a life of emotional health, personal growth, and independence.

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