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HomeWorks© Transition Support Services

Sunrise sees treatment as a process and is committed to helping families beyond their daughter’s stay. We understand that transitioning from Sunrise can be both an exciting and overwhelming experience. That is why Sunrise created HomeWorks©. HomeWorks© allows you to prepare for the challenges of transition and receive transition support both pre and post-discharge.

Early Transition Planning

We begin the plan for transition early on in the program. Throughout your time at Sunrise you will be working on specific issues related to transition. This provides you and your family ample time to address those items that are critical to success at home.

HomeWorks© Transition Support Services Pre & Post-Discharge

We also have several programs that are available during treatment and after your daughter’s transition home:

In-Home Visits

Two-day In-Home visits with you and your therapist can occur prior to, or following your daughter’s program completion. An In-Home Visit is customized to your family’s needs and may include:

  • Job and/or volunteer search
  • Meeting with or assisting in finding a home therapist
  • Meetings with school teachers and/or counselors
  • Formalizing structure in the home
  • Family and individual coaching sessions
  • Experiential work around trauma
  • Addressing support needs around recovery
  • Meetings with peers, extended family, and other positive supports in your community

In addition, these visits provide an opportunity to strengthen the work that has already occurred at Sunrise and create a plan for the future.

Parent Transition Group

Sunrise holds monthly conference call discussions for parents led by a Sunrise therapist. This call is held the 2nd Wednesday of each month. These discussions are designed to address topics commonly of concern to transitioning families and encourage support among families.

Student Transition Group

In addition to the Parent Transition Group, we also hold a Bi- monthly conference call discussion for current and alumni girls. This group is held the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month. Each group is facilitated by a Sunrise therapist and is designed to address topics around transition, receive support from their peers and maintain the close relationships they developed during their stay at Sunrise.

24/7 Support Line

Even with the best laid plan, families will experience challenging situations when they transition from Sunrise. Our 24/7 support line is available to families for those moments when they need extra support or reassurance they are on the right track. This line is monitored by a Sunrise therapist.

Coaching Sessions

In addition to an In-Home visit, families can take advantage of coaching sessions with their therapist (depending on his/her availability) after leaving Sunrise. These sessions are designed to help navigate the challenges and honor the success of transition. Families can take advantage of individual, group, couple, and/or family coaching sessions.

Alumni Resources

In addition to HomeWorks© our transitioning families can also take advantage of our various alumni resources. Please take some time to look over what we have available for our alumni families.

For more information about our Transition Services please contact Brad Simpson via email [email protected] or at 435.627.5189.

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