Treatment Philosophy

The best residential treatment centers require not only current, research-based therapies, but an informed vision for each unique teen girl. Our clinicians’ first job, then, is to get to know your daughter from a number of perspectives, including clinical profile, family system, and learning profile. Tying all of this together, of course, requires an understanding of the girl as a person-her dreams, fears, strengths, and hurts; what makes her mad and what makes her laugh. Without the benefit of a trusting, authentic relationship, even the most sophisticated treatment modalities are of little use. With the benefit of a trusting relationship, however, clinically sophisticated therapies can be customized to meet the individual’s needs and can change her life!
In addition to creating a therapeutic milieu that promotes growth in the course of daily life, we also provide scheduled therapy that includes:

  • Weekly individual therapy sessions
  • Weekly family therapy sessions
  • Weekly equine assisted therapy
  • Daily group therapy
  • Targeted psychotherapy groups focusing on specific issues, such as adoption, trauma, and abuse

Our relational approach is married with research-based therapies that, together, form the foundation for healing and success. Our licensed therapists are experienced in applying a number of modalities that they use in combination according to your daughter’s specific needs.

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